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I consider myself a creative person but I can’t say I have had my camera since I was a little tot. Although I do remember taking quite a few photos with my 110 film camera. Photography is a way for me to express life as I see it. By no means have I seen even a speck of what this world contains, but what I have seen has been enough to change me, mold me, humble me and mature me. I have lived in the north and the south, lived as a missionary in a foreign country and lost a child. I carry my joy, peace, pain and conflict within me so I can remember to see life as it is. I want to remember the special times, uneventful times and yes, even the sad times. These make up who I am. My goal is to capture your life so that you can remember it as a piece of art.

If you are interested in a session, drop me a line at karenporterphotography@gmail.com. Or you can always call me at 315.567.1291. I look forward to hearing from you.