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believe in syracuse | birthday bash

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January 30th marked an exciting day in Syracuse. It was the first birthday celebration of the organization called Believe in Syracuse, an organization that was formed to promote the growth and a positive outlook of Syracuse, New York.

My husband and I moved our family back to Syracuse to be close to family in June 2013 and it was a refreshing sight to see a group of people committed to the promotion of Central New York. We were moving from one of the hottest cities in the US for jobs and real estate – Austin TX. So, I’ll admit that we were a bit sheepish in admitting our decision to move back to Syracuse. But it’s all been good. Family was first and foremost on our list and that has been very rewarding. Our children have re-connected with their grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. We have enjoyed making new friends and networking with other professionals in the area.

The first birthday celebration for Believe in Syracuse was held at Small Plates and brought in over 140 people for cake, live music and great company.

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