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It’s hard for me to believe that this cutie pie is five years old. He has brought us much joy and taken our parenting skills to a new level. However, he and his big sister get along so well that you would not see them as siblings but friends. He loves his big sister and she adores him. Don’t get me wrong – they have their moments of chaos, competition and selfish desires. But more often than not they just get along. He was our last chance for his sister to not be an only child after the loss of our dear Sophie. The hope and struggle of this pregnancy ran deep. It appeared that we would face another round of complications with early dilation and contractions. But in the end he was “full term” and we welcomed him joyfully to our family.

I see a fierce spirit in him. Whatever he does, it is with his entire being. His eyes are magnetic but also have a sparkle to them. When he smiles, they almost literally light up. It is pretty amazing.

Happy Birthday, my sweet son.

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